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Is online protest pointless?

The void is too big and we are too small, too divided. Protesting can seem pointless. But while Trump appeases Nazis and May is concerned about a big clock; nothing brings people together like a trending hashtag.

The movement onto social media makes sense. We use it for dating and shopping so activism seems a logical progression. If you have a couple of tabs open, you can do them all at the same time. Instead of picking up placards, gifs and wit, condensed into 140 characters, are the new form of opposition. Whether for elections, arrests or attacks it is a way for people to show they don’t agree, they are not complicit, and all from the comfort of their home.

This form of protesting is nothing new. Twitter exists for one big conversation, the biggest group chat in the world. But the way people protest has taken a turn; the public is overtaking the political. People like to be outraged and they like it to be seen. Outrage is quicker than research and visibility is more trendy that resp…

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